Why You Should Get A Bedliner Paint Job


When it comes to protecting your vehicle, a bedliner paint job is the way to go. It not only provides superior protection from scratches and dents, but it also adds a unique look that can’t be achieved with traditional automotive paints. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider getting a bedliner paint job for your vehicle.

First, a bed liner paint job is incredibly durable and resilient. This makes it an ideal choice for any type of truck or utility vehicle that will be exposed to the elements like dirt, rocks, mud and harsh weather conditions. The thick polyurethane material creates a highly protective barrier that is resistant to scratches, rusting and discoloration due to UV rays and fading from cleaning chemicals. This means you can rely on your bedliner paint job to keep your vehicle looking great for years—even in rugged outdoor usage!

Second, bedliner paint jobs are cost effective when compared to other types of automotive finishes. A typical bedliner application costs around $500-700 depending on the size of the area being coated. Compare this to fees associated with painting and repairs which can easily exceed $2,000 or more! Additionally, since it’s applied directly over existing factory finishes without primer or sanding required, there’s no need for costly prep work prior to applying the coating — saving you even more money in labor costs!

Third, bedliners offer superior adhesion properties which make them perfect for any off-road enthusiast who likes to take their vehicles out on muddy trails and rocky terrain often. Even if you don’t regularly find yourself going off-roading in your truck or SUV, a bedliner can still provide excellent protection against rusting by sealing out moisture from rain and snow while keeping dirt particles from lodging beneath the surface of your car's bodywork.

Finally, opting for a custom bedliner paint job can really help set your vehicle apart from others on the road. With a variety of colors available such as black-matte or bright candy apple red — you can give your ride an extra boost in style while still maintaining its toughness! Plus — depending on who you choose for installation — modern techniques allow us to apply logos consisting of text or special designs — further adding personality and character to your car or truck!

The advantages of getting a bedliner paint job far outweigh any potential disadvantages when it comes down assessing value versus cost. Whether you own an SUV for daily commuting or use your pickup truck mainly for recreational activities; investing in a quality liner will not only preserve its resale value but will also protect its exterior surfaces from wear and tear no matter where adventure may take you!



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