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We have been receiving inquiries from those of you who want to become a POLYUREA applicator. I want to take a little time to address this question. As you have probably already surmised, we are quite biased when it comes to this question. However, this is for a good reason. There is no other applicator we have come across in the 30 years of experience in our field. 

ArmorThane is and has been #1 for quite some time, and let me tell you why...

A number of these third-rate fly-by-night operations that go belly up within a few years, costing applicators hundreds of thousands of dollars and leaving them to their demise without even putting up a fight to make sure they stay afloat. I have personally witnessed the owner drive all night to make sure a small outfit in Pennsylvania has the spray system parts he needed to complete the project he needed to get done that following day. That is true compassion and a true caring that you dont see much these days. With the current situation, we see our country in, fighting through an epidemic and an unknowing of what tomorrow will bring. Its companies like ArmorThane tell us this country will prevail, just as we have in the past when terror has gripped our nation. 

Now, as if that wasn't enough, let me tell you all the reasons why ArmorThane is, in a business sense, also the best option...


ArmorThane is one of the strongest and most durable spray-in bed liners on the market.

As a spray liner dealer, you have access to a top-quality product, over 22 colors, and 24-hour technical assistance!


With over 2 Million new trucks hitting the streets every year, potential customers are virtually limitless!

Also, truck bed liners are not the only market opportunity. ArmorThane is an excellent product for Marine, Industrial, Exterior, Commercial and Agricultural applications!

Enjoy amazing profit potential with this easy system. Start selling ArmorThane today!


No other spray-in bedliner system offers the quality and ease of application like ArmorThane. Their method is easy to learn and easy to apply, so you or your team can be spraying almost instantly.

We value and support our dealers with a wealth of resources. We offer 24-hour technical support and a strong support team with on-site chemists. Your success is their success, and they want to help you deliver a top-quality product!


Steps to Becoming A Dealer

  1. Verify Service Area (Complete the online Form To Verify)
  2. Review of Training Materials
  3. Complete the Dealer Agreement
  4. Call them to place your first order
  5. Start Spraying ArmorThane!

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