Your pickup truck was made to work and work hard, but that doesn't mean the bed needs to be wrecked in the process. As a result, owners often choose to add bedliners to their trucks to guard their beds from damage.
If you are interested in a bedliner, you will definitely have options for protecting your truck bed. For example, you could buy a drop-in bedliner and either install it yourself or have it professionally installed.
However, the facts indicate a spray-in bedliner is the superior option for truck owners and will leave you more satisfied. Bedliners can help reduce noise that would otherwise be transmitted through the bed – drop-ins can become noisy at the highway speeds due to vibration and wind. If noise-reduction wasn’t enough, bedliners can also increase the value of your truck!
 Below are four additional reasons why a spray-in bedliner is your best choice.

Reduced Likelihood of Corrosion

One advantage of choosing a spray-in bedliner as compared to a drop-in bedliner is the reduced likelihood of corrosion. Drop-in bedliners don't always fit snugly, and in fact, there will always be some gap between the bedliner and pickup truck bed.
As a result, moisture can accumulate inside the gap and eventually contribute to corrosion. This process is accelerated if the drop-in bedliner chafes against the underlying painted surfaces and exposes bare metal.
A spray-in bedliner allows for no room for moisture to intrude, since it is directly applied to the bed beneath. There is also no possibility of rubbing or chafing, and this eliminates concerns about exposed areas developing. In fact, a spray-in bedliner adds another protective layer, so there is a reduced likelihood of rust or corrosion when compared to an unprotected bed.
Finding someone to properly prep and spray your bedliner in order to ensure maximum protection and durability is extremely important. At Carolina Custom, we pride ourselves in the quality service we provide. Our experts apply all of our spray-in bedliners in house in our own on-premises paint booths!

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Tailgates Are Covered, Too

Another benefit of choosing a spray-in bedliner, when compared to buying a drop-in liner, is the full degree of coverage offered. A spray-in bedliner can be applied to the inside of the tailgate, unlike the drop-in liner which can only be added to the sides and end of the truck bed.
This is a critical coverage advantage because a tailgate is just as exposed to jostling loads as the rest of the bed interior. In fact, a tailgate is often beaten up much worse than other parts of the truck, especially if cargo is slid over the lowered bed during loading and unloading. The spray-in bedliner will prevent this type of damage from occurring and keep your truck bed looking uniformly sharp and neat.

Long Lifespans

One key advantage that spray-in bedliners have over drop-in units is a longer lifespan. Drop-in bedliners are made from materials with varying degrees of quality, but even the most well-made bed liner will eventually succumb to the ravages of heat, ultraviolet (UV) light, and snow and ice.
Spray-in bedliners, on the other hand, are designed to be long-lasting and essentially become "one" with the truck bed. That means they will not crack or fade, if applied correctly, and they can successfully resist environmental forces that can break them down.

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Conceals Existing Damage

If you have a truck bed with existing dings, dents and scratches, then a spray-in bedliner offers another benefit. Spray-in bedliners can effectively renew the truck bed by permanently covering these imperfections and hiding them from view. While a drop-in bedliner may cover these areas, they are still vulnerable to rusting and will also be there once the drop-in liner has finally worn out and needs replacing. A spray-in bedliner provides peace of mind since you know there will be no rusting or corrosion occurring.
spray-in bedliner from ArmorThane is your best bet to protect your truck’s bed from damage. Contact us today and ask about our exclusive ArmorLiner spray-in bedliner. We are your truck solutions provider and are here to help.

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